Wiper system advanced
Multifunctional clamp adjusting base


  • 1 This backpart moulding machine with two cold &two hot mould is applied to any type of heel shaping of senior men and women calf leather shoes, boots, canvas shoes , sneakers before heel lasting.
  • 2 Two cold &two hot work station with heel wiper, it’s convenient to get good lasting effect when refrigerated cooling to forming the upper edge infolding.
  • 3 Hot and cold mold can be quickly replaced and can be customized according to customer last size.
  • 4 The knife is fixed firmly to perfect the lasting effect .The pressure of heel wiper can be adjustable.
  • 5 With adjustable pull down clamping jaws and each clamping jaw’s position could be adjusted according to the radian of aluminum mold, suitable for a variety of heel heights. Each clamping jaw is adjustable at various angles that is fast and convenient to make shoes more perfect.
  • 6 The machine is equipped with cross projector device can make sure precision position of back part.
  • 7 Adopted the imported well-known digital temperature controller.
  • 8 The machine operation is simple and clear.
  • 9 It can be customized with four-hot and two-cold, four-cold and two-hot, four-cold and four-hot.

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